It was 3 days ago, but....

On the fifth, I celebrated my birthday quietly, but happily. グッド
Well, for two days I was working on the storyboard for Arakan so when I received the responses, my birthday was already ending~! びっくり


That photo is my birthday present that was sent one month earlier from a China-based fan club, "悠殿堂." (I wonder how that's pronounced in Chinese...) It was sent straight from the heart from all of its members. 手書きハート
Gifts from members all over in Taiwan (I'm worried about the earthquakes), Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guangdong. Hong Kong....

When I opened it, I was overcome with emotion. 涙ぽろりきらきら 
Pictures, fanart from my works (Mainly Genbu and Sakura Gari, but there were even cute Nuriko and Alice 19th drawings), a Genbu fanzine, a tablecloth (??) and a Masataka mascot!! スマイル From that illustration I uploaded here before. Right now it's decorating my desk at work. (laughs)  My mascot is quite a detailed piece of art! !

But most of all, I was deeply moved by the messages from the fans.
Statements about my work like "My views on love and life have changed," left a big impact on me. 
"Reading about the main characters, I learned how to stand strong in the face of adversity."  きらきらThank you so much! きらきら All of your feelings have gotten through to me!  There were also messages with concern about my well-being, (probably all my readers are doing that now...) but for right now, I'm healthy and working hard. ウィンク

That reminds me. The other day, I received a letter about Arakan from a high school boy who seemed to be sick and in pain. When I was told  "You changed me." , when I was told how became cheerful and how happy the contents of the letter were, again, I was so moved!!
When I receive a letter saying such happy things and "This is my first time reading a manga like this," I want to continue to draw for you guys!! 泣き笑い ...Of course it's natural for me to be happy, too!
After Sakura Gari ended, I also received lots of letters that were like this.
"...I felt like I was forgiven as well." "Something had changed inside myself."  "I'm happy I read this manga."
...Everyone, I.....I....I am...!!! 号泣  (wailing)

That's right. These are the kinds of readers that I draw manga for! I've become so excited and enthusiastic for my work! ! 炎

I've also updated the website.
Volume 6 of Arakan is the easy-to-dive-into "Shopping Street Volume."  The arguing back and forth with Kadowaki in the first half and the tension in the second half are somewhat different. (laughs) Hiruko has become popular among my staff. It's a volume where you can catch a glimpse of Arata dealing with his raging hormones.

Since Sakura Gari came out with the final volume, I added a wallpaper of the top, middle, and bottom illustrations.
Masataka is with normal cherry blossoms, Souma is with evening cherry blossoms, and Sakurako is with flaming cherry blossoms. The falling cherry blossoms and the spark image overlap each other, you might have to do a re-take because of the colors, so I'm sorry about that. will the story end?!

With the final volume, if you purchase at Animate, a message card will be included. But...I can only remember for Kanto and the Ikebukuro stores (during the Arakan sale) I'm not sure about the other ones...
I drew a close-up of the couple smiling while cuddling.

Well, after the release, I suppose.
Tomorrow--well, today, until the 8th, I will be working on manuscripts. Good night.

Hastily finishing the work for Sakura Gari and Comics

The high-spirited New Years I had lining up the karuta cards has been completely changed, and since then, I've had bad gastritis (owwww).
It's happened since the start of work last week (owww) so I wonder if I ate too much zouni*.... (restrain yourself!)

*zouni is a traditional Japanese new years dish

I worked on the Arakan manuscript and 6th volume and quickly fixed up the final Sakura Gari that was returned to me.

Alas--the last time you'll be released, eh, Sakura Gari?
At any rate, the stories will only be released 3 to 4 times a year, but if I do it this way, I'll get used to the pace.  I look forward to doing it~!!!! きらきら

Anyway. When I thought, "This is the final check for the manuscript from last year!", the supervisor showed up. びっくり爆弾I was confused and he didn't see me, so this time, although I was nervous, it was obviously a mistake, yaaaaay~! ♪グッド
Well, at that time it was 6:30 in the morning, and that day was an all-nighter after 11 days in a row of working.
A beautiful morning stung my eyes...きらきら "But I can't see it well because my eyes are overflowing with tears, eheh 泣き笑い"
....look at me, crying like this! I'm overcome with emotion! And then the supervisor's hand extended towards my manuscript ("give that back!") and he snatched it away, but it's not like it's going to become a book, so I gave it up.

However lately, all of my staff has ended up in a trance-like state because the memories of working on the story have become somewhat painful... (maybe I should erase them...?) How do I explain person muttered, "Aw, I have to turn this in, but it's disappointing when a series is finished..."

Last week while doing repair work, the staff burst with those sorts of remarks while working on the Sakura manuscript.
Aside from the supervisor, the girls are the very first readers of the story. So I can judge how the story is by their reactions.
However, they aren't normal readers. They're all manga freaks. So they're difficult to win over.

However, when they finished reading and their reactions were more along the lines of "AAAAAH.....ショック" , "Yes...涙ぽろり" in agreement,  tightened with surprise びっくり, and humming in contemplation the entire time while reading しょんぼり, even though I gulped and kept my mouth shut, everyone seemed to understand what I intended, so I was relieved.
And all the staff said, "I'm sure everyone will re-read it from the beginning. They'll read the entire story again!"
....Yes, I created it to be read over and over, so I'd like my readers to try it.

One person's impression after reading was "It was like I left the movie theatre and now I'm ordering at a cafe," which I was told was a metaphor for "it seemed like movie material."  I was told "It was written as if it was intended for professionals."
I made my depiction style for the plot and structure as simple as I could, but no matter what, there were still so many minor points, even at the beginning when I was allowed to draw the way I liked. When they realized I was taking into account whether or not it was easy for the reader to understand, they were impressed that I had that sort of thinking drilled into my routine.

They also said that the people from the Comics faction are happy. I drew it like "one version of a film," so
maybe the impression is different for people who read all three volumes at once and those who waited impatiently every 4 months.
The last volume will be on sale on 3/10. After that, Arakan will be halfway through, right?

I did my interview with Rinka as well, but it's a continuation.  
I was hesitant the whole time, but Ashi and the others were saying "I want to read it!!" so I felt like doing it.  (Ah, simplicity~)
Whether the things I've drawn are important, or the essence of this work, or human nature, one way or another, the reader is able to dive profoundly into it. At the moment, I feel I have a unique method of expressing these things....
Assuming that I draw it, it seems like finishing Genbu is impossible. (laughs)
It seems I'll have to save writing the storyboards as recreation from work again, huh?
About the separate character stories for Sakura Gari. That sort of thing is coming to mind now~! All this time, I've been patient for it.
Like a story of Souma's point of view at 16 years old! And Souma from Terashima's point of view! And chibi Masataka from Takafumi's point of view! If I can complete the serious storyline, I can make it so the original story can be seen a different number of ways.
I was told, "A double feature is OK." as a joke, ha-ha-ha... (if my health is good enough...)
Well, setting that pending plan aside, as long as my readers appreciate volume 3, I'll be happy.

....In other news.
I was told in private (a secret?) that it would be interesting if I publish a "comm-en-ta-ry book"  like a play concept, or explanation of the character's thoughts, etc, in other words, a handbook that can analyze the core of Sakura Gari (because I'll learn to do supervisor-style DVD commentary for movies) ...but when I nonchalantly said, "You know, Shogakukan probably won't publish it..." my staff got really serious about it! The project has already been started, but, well, it's all right as a book, but I wonder if there are people who will buy it. (laughs)

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2010 has come.

(It reads "Happy New Year")

...These are karuta cards from my house.
They're called "Jumbo Karuta." I put my feet in the shot so you can see how big they are.
When I was a baby, my uncle gave them to me, but in the beginning, my house was so small that I could only spread them out once. I made this because I just happened to see the cards for it. うっしっし "De" was difficult to do, but I don't mind, being it's so early in the new year.

When I looked at the instruction booklet, it said "To the teachers:"
I wonder if these cards are used for schools...

At any rate, I put them on the top of the site.

With that in mind, I hope you visit my blog this year as well. グッド

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It's been a while since I've written in this blog.
But when I do, it's already the end of the year.
I'll do it after I go back what I thought, but then I thought, "My parents' PC probably won't connect again, right?" Oh well.

So since then, when I became peevish about overworking, I developed a fever again. Because of that (and a cold), work has been falling behind, so the creative workload for both Arakan and Sakura Gari collided once more...
Well, until now I've been overlapping my work to the max. Ashi-san and I split the simultaneous labor, 2:3. 
I can't do anything but laugh now!

From 11/16 to 12/15 I had almost no rest. 
Finally, with Arakan Part 6 and the color art for Sakura Gari included, I'm up to about 86 pages. That's almost 200 pages?

....I've made so much progress~It's a miracle~
Ashi-san, good work~! Thank you so much for your help this year~! 泣き笑い
Furthermore, I went with everyone on a trip to Taiwan for 3 nights. (escape to another country?)
Although it was fun, although the food was delicious as ever, although I was thinking of if I could live there, when I unintentionally thought about work, I thought I was going to die.
Sakura Gari is in its final part, 涙ぽろり Where is the container for my best tools...
In a haze,  I carelessly wrote the character's names in storyboard format again.
(In the crucial moments of the Sakura Gari manuscript, there were lots of characters being revised, so the other day, I accidentally got them mixed up. They'll be fixed in the comic, but...)
Well, the readers can read it under normal circumstances,  but I'm drawing under every day overwork and sleep deprivation that leave me expressionless, so if those careless errors end up being published....please overlook them!!!

However, I've made lots of progress. It's a miracle. (looks up at the night sky.)

And every time, I'm writing nothing but the same in this blog, huh.
I'll draw various things for it again. It's just I'm just a little absent-minded right now... ほえー

Oh, I have other news.
I got a tooth filling!!! びっくり The dentist did it.....with silver.... After going through that torture, I don't want to go back to the dentist!!! (I'll still go.)

All in all, my aspirations for the new year are "REST!!!!!!!!! PLAY!!!!!!! FREE TIME!!!!!" 
With that in mind, I want to thank everyone for visiting this blog this year.
I hope you come back next year as well! きらきら
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My stomach!!!! (Despite it better to be quiet, I'm writing about it)

So many different things hurt, and I can't work patiently in my chair!
When one day's worth of work was late, all of it was delayed! ムカッ What should I do... ow ow ow ow ow (real pain)
It's rare, isn't it? Updating from here.

Oh, and by chance, my DS Lite cable was discovered.  From under my bed. (I must not have seen it.)
It's already been 2 years, huh....I had free time then....

I thought I'd check out the Fushigi Yuugi DS game that came out before the summer, but I don't have time, so I give up. Besides, I already know how to beat it. Despite not having an interest in dating sim games?

Isn't it different from my original work? グッド (As usual, I was happy to do it.)

I don't have any interest in it, but (Compared with drawing manga....well, let's just say I was considerably reluctant.) if only I had the time, I would utilize it to do it and read it over until I was tired of every little part.
If it's interesting, everything should be fine in the end. It's about substance.
Knowing whether my own work is good or bad from the reader's viewpoint is very important. It's a priority over my own feelings when getting opinions on it.

At any rate, let's set that aside.  I can't play DS,  (you should borrow literature, right?!)  but lately, for my health, I've taken up Wii Fit. A new game just came out. The price was cut in half?

Should I buy it?? what I was thinking, but then the component stereo at my workplace expired!? The CD player completely broke down. I can't hear anything ショック It's okay if I don't have any video games, but it's big trouble if I don't have music! When I thought about how I must buy a new one in the future, the cassette player (I know, a cassette player these days? However the sound quality of DENON is amazing) also broke down at the same time! MD all I have left?

I'm gathering up the model,'s already been 5 years...and every day I listen to it for hours, so I'm sure it's reached its normal life span.

I have no choice, so I'm fixing the recording on my room's MD.
Ah, the medicine is kicking in, so I will go back to work.
Ashi-san comes in starting tomorrow.

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Lowering the Tension

Watase's current status is that of total exhaustion. (Can you see it by looking at the website?)

Oh, the 2-hour Zettai Kareshi Drama Special will be aired on 3/24....and will merge with the start of the rebroadcasting. At least of that "Zettai Kareshi." After that, in three other countries, the re-dramatization plans for the series will start, but we're only certain about one country. I hear it will be interesting if the other two countries decide to implement it. Apparently there is talk about one country turning it into a stage production?

Sakura Gari...  Somehow I was able to send Volume 2 to the reproduction team for release. They were probably thinking, "It's about time!!" when they looked at it.  (I sent it in myself)
Next time, I will send it in early.  On the two pages opposite each other, I almost died it was so hard to draw. The cherry blossoms on the back never end. Sakurako's kimono never ends.

Volume 2 of Arakan Gatari goes on sale the day after tomorrow, so please buy it.
I've just barely uploaded the icon for a coupon to use as a purchasing bonus, so I'm sorry about that.
I decided on Kannagi for the front cover, but he hardly shows up in this volume.  (Well, he appears, but...) While drawing him, I was smiling and using great thrusts.  
Until the protagonist's pelt surfaces, I don't really have any reason to show off this guy, who is on the "bad side" that killed the secret queen.  He has a delicious sort of role, and everyone fell in love with this character at my workplace. Now I leave it up to you guys.

Shishunki Miman Okotowari came out in a paperback book edition...A conclusion novel is also included, making a complete version. ......It was a serialization I did when I was 20. 20 years old! I WAS ONLY 20 YEARS OLD!! SO LONG AGO!!
That Watase, when she was out for her birthday, fell over and both of her hands were blood-stained and both her knees were bleeding internally from the fall. For the longest time, I was limping (even now they hurt) and it was like couldn't even wash my face or get in the bathtub.

Thanks to Mikukore, the Fushigi Yuugi downloads are in good shape, and they appear to have a new design again.

About Genbu Kaiden....
I'm terribly sorry.
It's being postponed until next year. I will be uploading the official announcement onto the website. I was so willing to work on it, so when we decided upon the postponement, I was really depressed for several days. However, in my current circumstances, I thought I was being realistic in making the decision that it was impossible right now.
It also annoyed the editorial department at Flower Comics, but I feel it won't be good for the publishing if I'm not able to concentrate well on it. 

My physical do I say this...I had to bear a lot with my mother being hospitalized last year. There has been a significant amount of fatigue from going and coming and carrying out weekly publishing. Furthermore, my mother was hospitalized again last month, and hasn't left yet. I've had to focus on work with that anxiety, and when I forcibly had to return home on my own birthday, I had a magnificent breakdown while wandering aimlessly around the hospital (bitter smile).
While I was far away from her, my mind and body were fairly conflicted with the thought: "One of my parents is in the hospital--is this really the time to be drawing manga?" I barely made deadlines, and I could hardly move.
So when I returned home and saw her face, I was able to calm down a little, so that was good. (Every time she went to the hospital, she would always be worried about her job, but mine was the one that was pandemomium.)
However, leaving her behind again and coming back here was a little tough.

As for manga, because the mental aspect greatly influences me (For me, it's about creating "stories," not for simply drawing pictures) I was somehow able to concentrate on drawing Arakan, but there was so much work to be done. (Somehow, I was also able to do the storyline for Sakura Gari, too, but still...)

...Well, because they're my own personal affairs, whatever I express won't change how disappointed the readers will be.
I'm really, really sorry.

After I returned to work, I got a telephone call from my mother saying, "Go for it!"
When I see my own mother painfully fighting pleural fluids* among other things, I have no choice but to do battles at work on my side. Though really, I've been thinking about what "fighting while drawing" actually is.
Well, to tell you the truth, this is tolerable, so I'm not discouraged. (I'm really sorry about the Genbu stuff, though...)

*pleural fluids are excess fluids in the lungs.

Well, last Friday, when I went through 17 pens in one day, my arm was twitching!! But that wasn't really a defeat.
From here, I'm off to a meeting.

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It's been a while, and it's February, so I GIVE YOU MID-WINTER GREETINGS!!!!
Because the update was delayed, people all over have been getting anxious, but it's cause everyday I've been all over the place! During the New Years holiday, I was planning to post a message, so I brought my PC over my parents' house, but every time I tried to connect, some sort of "ERROR" happened! Why do they have Flet's Hikari!?* And if that wasn't enough, on New Year's Day, my uncle in the hospital died. A funeral.......not a joyous start to the New Year.
*"Flet's Hikari" is a type of phone service in Japan
I rushed to work, then did a U-turn and rushed back home, did an autograph session, did another U-turn and rushed back to work. Because I worked too hard at the end of last year, the lower back pain I forgot about (in my sciatic nerve) came back, and when I make a noise like, "Ouch! ouch!", I get stomach cramps, so my condition has been torture lately. I'm worried about my mother's physical condition as well. She's gotten worse again; her lung has become filled with fluid and half of it has stopped functioning. Being I'm so bogged down in work, I'm in a state of not knowing what to do!
AAAAUUUUUUGGGGGHHH. I........just.....  (wriggles around)
......Gotta pull myself together.
I thank you for the letters and presents as well.  And the arrangement of cherry blossom goods!! Hehehe...very clever, you guys.  
I was happy about the CD, too!  It fits my tastes perfectly! (grins happily) I listen to it while I work!
Yes, even now while I'm still in the process.....
The work for Arakan Volume 2 and Sakura Gari Volume 2 comes in simultaneously. (Because both volumes are going on sale in March) Some time ago I gave them the cover for Sakura, from there, I colored the center art, and I did the cover for Arakan Volume 2......Doing this, doing that....AAAAAUUUGGGHHHH~~~! (regains composure)
Oh, that's right! After Arakan was started, a business associate from the editor said that a friend and a lot of other people are saying, "It doesn't seem like the same artist that did Sakura Gari."
...It IS the same artist!!! (Why are those two being lined up...) Watase is only one person. (However, I hear that nowadays groups of artists go under one artist's name) If there was more than one of me, then things like this would be--!  Even being by myself, it's causing stomach spasms and lumbago! Well, at least when one person becomes a mother, they go home.
But, as expected, while observing the clean-up of both works at the same time, my head has been getting seriously confused.....What with all the chaos around me, my brain's been getting tired....
My situation is a little crazy, so I took that picture with my mobile phone. ↓ It's my view of chaos. Total chaos!!!  Oh yeah, the Arakan one is an additional page. Ahh.....I gotta get back to work....

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Only 10 days left in the year!

I've been firing things out the same way since the last entry, but can I keep giving the heave-ho without collapsing? (Really?)   I'm at work.

Throughout last week (after pulling two all-nighters), I handed in the 78 pages of Sakura Gari going on sale in January.

At the Shogakukan thank-you party, I was only half-awake while I was attending. (The next day, I forced myself to go to bed when it occurred to me that I only remembered half of it.)

Setting that aside, as an artist, I'm still trying to grasp something (sort of?) with feeling in the manuscript.

Early next year, I'm doing an 18-day autograph session in Osaka! (Hahahahaha!) However, I needed to request at Sunday Journal in advance.

So I chose Osaka because it's my hometown.

It's hopeless, I'm so tired! After I finish the storyboard, I still have a little bit of one story left! That's the current writing situation over here!  Oh--I meant to reply to a friend by cell phone email!!! I'm sorry!! I'm doing well! (That's a little bit of a lie, but...)

I wonder if I'll have time at the end of the

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Ooh, my intestines...

I posted some news on the last entry that had not been finalized, so to be on the safe side, I deleted it.
I'm really sorry if I edit the other entries!
From now on, I'll post things like that after I get the proper confirmation.

The drinking cups I mentioned in the previous entry will be on sale on 12/5 on Sho-Comi, but as I thought, they will be sold over the internet.

After I (was forced) to change the previous entry, I had a sharp pain in my stomach that spread to my intestines, and then to my whole body, making my condition excruciating. I thought, "This is probably serious." Although I lied down, my breathing became rigorous and shallow, and as soon as the word "ambulance" came to mind, my hands and feet immediately went cold. Rather than getting sleepy, my consciousness became distant, and for the first time, I became aware of the difference from my normal condition.


A little bit like an avalanche situation: "If you fall asleep, you'll die!!!"

As I started thinking things like...

"This is bad! I've used all my time on that Arakan comic cover!" "Because I did up to 15 stories, would those last two volumes go out at the last minute? As memorial books?" "I'm still in the middle of Genbu and Sakura Gari!" "'Would Sakura be warped into my 'worst storyboard ever published...?"  "The Fushigi Yuugi fans would be so angry~" "Would Ashi-san be the one to find me?"

.....I was slowly able to breathe easier, and warmth returned to my hands, so I fell asleep peacefully.


I took a day off--no questions asked. (Would you be able to cope if I died?)

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Ahhhh! Suddenly, my stomach hurts! Ow, ow, ow, ow.....

I'm in between things~! ほえー

Well, I'm STILL in the middle of working on the manuscript.
I've been doing it for about two weeks now!
Oof...As expected, my stomach is exhausted.
I finished 3 storylines for Arakan, so right now I'm doing the 6th story for Sakura Gari.

I will do my best.
Ashi-san will do her best.

I haven't wrote about Fushigi Yuugi stuff in a while.

"Suzaku - Seiryuu" and "Genbu" drinking cups will be on sale on Sho-Comi Net (?). (Really? Wow.)

My back already hurts, so I'm going to bed. I need to rest. It's been like this for about two weeks now. (It's probably better if I take a day off next week to rest...わからん)

Right now, I'm working on volume 1 of Arakan at the same time as Sakura Gari.
It will be on sale next year on 1/16! There will be an omake manga attached to it~. (it may be a serialization?)

.......So, before the year is over, if I do two stories, I should have two and a half volumes finished, right?.....

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