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Watase's Blog
It was 3 days ago, but.... 
8th-Mar-2010 07:16 pm
On the fifth, I celebrated my birthday quietly, but happily. グッド
Well, for two days I was working on the storyboard for Arakan so when I received the responses, my birthday was already ending~! びっくり


That photo is my birthday present that was sent one month earlier from a China-based fan club, "悠殿堂." (I wonder how that's pronounced in Chinese...) It was sent straight from the heart from all of its members. 手書きハート
Gifts from members all over in Taiwan (I'm worried about the earthquakes), Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guangdong. Hong Kong....

When I opened it, I was overcome with emotion. 涙ぽろりきらきら 
Pictures, fanart from my works (Mainly Genbu and Sakura Gari, but there were even cute Nuriko and Alice 19th drawings), a Genbu fanzine, a tablecloth (??) and a Masataka mascot!! スマイル From that illustration I uploaded here before. Right now it's decorating my desk at work. (laughs)  My mascot is quite a detailed piece of art! !

But most of all, I was deeply moved by the messages from the fans.
Statements about my work like "My views on love and life have changed," left a big impact on me. 
"Reading about the main characters, I learned how to stand strong in the face of adversity."  きらきらThank you so much! きらきら All of your feelings have gotten through to me!  There were also messages with concern about my well-being, (probably all my readers are doing that now...) but for right now, I'm healthy and working hard. ウィンク

That reminds me. The other day, I received a letter about Arakan from a high school boy who seemed to be sick and in pain. When I was told  "You changed me." , when I was told how became cheerful and how happy the contents of the letter were, again, I was so moved!!
When I receive a letter saying such happy things and "This is my first time reading a manga like this," I want to continue to draw for you guys!! 泣き笑い ...Of course it's natural for me to be happy, too!
After Sakura Gari ended, I also received lots of letters that were like this.
"...I felt like I was forgiven as well." "Something had changed inside myself."  "I'm happy I read this manga."
...Everyone, I.....I....I am...!!! 号泣  (wailing)

That's right. These are the kinds of readers that I draw manga for! I've become so excited and enthusiastic for my work! ! 炎

I've also updated the website.
Volume 6 of Arakan is the easy-to-dive-into "Shopping Street Volume."  The arguing back and forth with Kadowaki in the first half and the tension in the second half are somewhat different. (laughs) Hiruko has become popular among my staff. It's a volume where you can catch a glimpse of Arata dealing with his raging hormones.

Since Sakura Gari came out with the final volume, I added a wallpaper of the top, middle, and bottom illustrations.
Masataka is with normal cherry blossoms, Souma is with evening cherry blossoms, and Sakurako is with flaming cherry blossoms. The falling cherry blossoms and the spark image overlap each other, you might have to do a re-take because of the colors, so I'm sorry about that. Now...how will the story end?!

With the final volume, if you purchase at Animate, a message card will be included. But...I can only remember for Kanto and the Ikebukuro stores (during the Arakan sale) I'm not sure about the other ones...
I drew a close-up of the couple smiling while cuddling.

Well, after the release, I suppose.
Tomorrow--well, today, until the 8th, I will be working on manuscripts. Good night.
25th-Jul-2018 06:54 pm (UTC) - Hello, Watase-sensei!
I'm not sure you will read this... I just want to send you all my good wishes and support! Your works have fans all around the globe and I'm one of them!

I'm from Brazil and I've been in love with your mangas since I first read Fushigi Yuugi. So! I hope you're healthy and well, as well as your family.

Thank you for creating wonderful stories!! Thank you thank you!!
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